Wrinkled Carpet after Cleaning?

Have you ever wondered why your carpets may wrinkle after they’re cleaned? If not, great! Your carpet is in excellent shape and you don’t need this information…yet.

The technical term for wrinkles is Latex Displacement or Expansion Differential (either term is acceptable). Tufted carpets have 4 layers:

  1. Face Fiber
  2. Primary Backing
  3. Latex Adhesive
  4. Secondary Backing

Each layer of the carpet has a natural absorption rate. The issue starts with that layer of latex adhesive. Latex is water-soluble and will absorb significantly more moisture than the 2 layers it’s sandwiched between. Both backing layers are typically made of polypropylene, which absorbs .025% moisture (virtually nothing). The latex is swelling and has to go somewhere so it manifests itself as wrinkles.

It’s important to understand that moisture absorption is the catalyst for wrinkles appearing but it’s not the cause of the problem. The problem already existed. Carpet cleaners get blamed for wrinkles all the time but they are rarely the actual cause. The good news is that once the latex completely dries it will usually go back to its original wrinkle-free state. These are the actual problems causing the wrinkles:


  1. Latex degradation
  2. Low-quality latex (high filler load)

The latex used in carpet manufacturing is notorious for have a high filler load of calcium carbonate. This causes the latex to go further in the manufacturing process but will shorten the usable life of the carpet. If you pull the carpet back and notice if there are lots of little white crumbs on the cushion.


  1. Improper stretch
  2. Incorrect cushion (too high)
  3. Incorrect or damaged tackstrip
  4. No acclimation of product or installed too cold
  5. Seams and transitions not properly sealed

Improper installation is the most common reason for wrinkles; and not by a little bit. Carpet must be installed using a powerstretcher – that is the rule and there are no exceptions. It must be stretched in the length and the width evenly. Most installers soft stretch the width to minimize seam peak but this causes wrinkling within a short time. Carpet cushion should not exceed 7/16” and should be of high quality. Cushion that is too soft or too tall will allow the backing to overly flex with high traffic. Tackstrip that is old or damaged must be replaced. The pins on tackstrip must also be the right height for the cushion used. Did you even know that carpet should be acclimated to the environment? Installing on a cold day where the carpet sits outside or in a garage will cause it to shrink up. And once in the home at a comfortable 72 degrees + that carpet will relax. Another very common mistake is not sealing the seams or the transitions from wood or tile floors. Any delamination starting at these points will be directly related to installation error.

Environmental & Use Conditions:

  1. High humidity (only when combined with another factor)
  2. Flooding
  3. Improper maintenance
  4. Age of the carpet (it doesn’t last forever folks)
  5. Wrong carpet for the traffic load (unrealistic expectations)

Carpets have a usable life cycle. It’s the homeowner’s job to maintain carpet the right way so that it lasts as long as it can. That includes proper vacuuming, spot cleaning, and hiring the right cleaner to meet manufacturer’s warranties. Not all carpet is made to the same quality level and carpet designed to last 5 years is not going to hold up for 10 years in an active home.

Professional Cleaning:

  1. Overly wet for an extended time period
  2. Specialty spotters reached the backing and dissolved the latex

Can the carpet cleaner be at fault? Yes, it is possible. If the carpets stay wet for too long (and we’re talking days not hours) that can weaken the backing. Also if spotters that are made to dissolve adhesives are used, that can contribute. It’s unlikely that solvent spotter such as these are used throughout an entire room though.

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Solutions to Handle Holiday Mishaps Like a Pro

While the holiday season should come with feelings of warmth and joy, many people find ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ to be stressful and hectic. Between all of the extra parties, shopping, baking, cleaning, and entertaining, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of the real meaning of the holidays. In a recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association, more than 80 percent of Americans experience a heightened sense of stress during the holidays. Additional research found that 81 percent of women believe cleaning is the most stressful component of hosting a holiday gathering.

Unpleasant holiday stains are common when it comes to entertaining family and friends. With the increased amount of foot traffic, keeping carpets soil and stain-free can be a difficult task. With over 35 years of experience in resolving carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning crises, Chem-Dry, the world’s largest carpet and upholstery cleaning company, has made it their duty to prepare families to deal with unexpected holiday stains and messes.

Holiday Carpet Cleaning

“Our goal is to help ease holiday stress so consumers can enjoy time with their family and friends, rather than worry about their carpets or upholstery,” said Dan Tarantin, CEO of Chem-Dry. “At Chem-Dry, we understand the pleasure and relief people feel when they know their homes are truly clean and healthy. By offering top quality products and cleaning tips to resolve the most common holiday stains, they can ensure a joyful, healthful and stain-free season.”

Tarantin offers the following home remedies to help families maintain their healthy carpets and minimize stains over the holidays:

• Place holiday-inspired doormats in each entryway and other high-traffic areas to protect carpets from unnecessary wear and tear. Not only will the themed mats capture guest’s attention, but they will also encourage guests to wipe their feet before they enter each room.

• Act quickly to remove unexpected stains. Blot the area using a terry cloth or paper towel with cold water or club soda to soak up as much liquid as possible – DO NOT RUB. It is essential to dilute the stain immediately. Avoid using an excessive amount of water, which can cause the stain to sink deeper into the carpet pad, making it more difficult to remove.

• The next step is to pre-treat the area with the following home solutions:

  • For non-greasy spills, sponge with a solution made of one teaspoon liquid detergent to one cup water.
  • For greasy spills, sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on the stain. Let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes and then vacuum. Next, sponge with a solution made of one tablespoon liquid hand dishwashing detergent and one tablespoon white vinegar with two cups of warm water. Blot until the liquid is absorbed. Lastly, sponge with cold water and blot dry to remove the vinegar solution.
  • For pet stains, sponge freely with cold water. Apply a solution made of three tablespoons white vinegar to one quart water.
  • For red wine spills, use white wine, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or club soda to neutralize the stain. Pour the neutralizer over the wine stain and use a clean towel to begin blotting up the liquid. Dampen a sponge with cold water and blot it on the stain. Next, shake salt onto the stain to help deter the wine from setting into the carpet. Keep applying salt until it no longer absorbs the wine. After this, add another layer of salt, cover the area with a layer of paper towels, place a heavy object on top and allow it to sit overnight. Remove the paper towels the following morning and vacuum the area.

• When applying spot remover or homemade solution, start from the outside edge of the spill and work in a spiral toward the center to prevent it from spreading. Work the spotter into the spill using a spoon to prevent damage to carpet fibers.

For holiday stains that are too stubborn for home remedies, consumers can call the experts at Chem-Dry to schedule a professional cleaning. Chem-Dry uses a green-certified solution that’s safe and non-toxic for kids and pets along with a low-water, carbonating cleaning process that will give the home a deep-down, longer lasting healthier clean. Unlike typical steam cleaning where water can soak through to the carpet backing and produce mold and mildew, Chem-Dry’s process uses 80 percent less water, so carpets dry in a couple of hours rather than a couple of days, avoiding the risk of mold and mildew growth. Chem-Dry offers a deeper, longer lasting, faster drying carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning experience so families can start the new year off in the most happy and healthy way. For more information, visit Chem-Dry’s cleaning tips blog.

Schedule Carpet Cleaning Before Thanksgiving

With just a couple short weeks before Thanksgiving, you may be starting to go over your check list. Have you planned your meal, made your grocery list, sent out invitations? Do you have a plan for your center piece? What will you make for dessert?  Have you made an appointment to have your carpets cleaned?

We know by first-hand experience that the holidays can get hectic. With family all over the midwest, from Wheaton, to Glen Ellyn, to West Chicago and Bartlett! Trust me, cleaning the house is always our biggest concern! Scheduling a carpet cleaning before you host your friends and family for Thanksgiving will give you extra confidence that your guests will be comfortable in your home. You won’t have to worry about any unsightly stains embarrassing you and making you feel more than a little ungrateful during the day you’re supposed to be thankful.

Make sure you schedule your carpet cleaning a few days before the big event so you will have time for your carpets fully dry before you guests arrive.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the kind of incredible non-judgemental friends and family who wouldn’t even notice stains on the carpet, and you feel comfortable enough with them to have them over stains and all, then you could actually schedule your carpet cleaning for after Thanksgiving dinner. This approach allows you to feel very casual about the meal and not stress out about any of the inevitable spills that seem to come along with any big fancy meal.

Whichever your approach to holiday hosting, cleaning before or after the big event, please contact us to schedule your carpet cleaning.

If you need a carpet cleaner in Carol Stream, carpet cleaner in DuPage County, Carpet Cleaner in Kane County, we have you covered! Please contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

Chem-Dry of Stratford has a conveniently located office in Illinois to help better serve our growing list of customers.

Medinah, Elk Grove, West Chicago and surrounding areas:  1820 Wallace Ave. #112 St Charles, IL 60174

Cleaning New Carpets

Cleaning Your New Carpet

You may have heard that it’s best to wait as long as possible before having new carpet professionally cleaned. People who offer this advice believe that the manufacturer’s carpet protection treatment will be washed away with a professional cleaning and that carpets once cleaned will start attracting more dirt.

How valid are these concerns? Should you wait as long as possible to have your new carpets cleaned? The definitive answer is no, and here’s why.

The Carpet Protective Sealants Concern

If you’ve ever owned a set of nonstick cookware, you know that dish soap and a sponge won’t ruin the coating. Similarly, protective sealants on your carpet are specially designed to easily withstand carpet cleaning processes.

The real concern about breakdown of the protection is abrasives. If you took steel wool and scouring powder to your nonstick cookware, it would be ruined. The same concept applies to your carpet. Built-up dirt, grime, and grit have an abrasive effect, not only on protective treatments, but worse, on the delicate carpet fibers. Allowing contaminants to settle in and remain is a sure way to ruin protective treatments and invite premature wear.

Does A Chem-Dry Cleaned Carpet Attract More Dirt?

There could actually be an element of truth to this, but it’s not what you think. This is where professional, quality carpet cleaning vs. cheap makes a big difference. Very cheap carpet cleaning services will often use less expensive, lower quality soaps and detergents that leave a sticky residue or may not take the time to thoroughly rinse the cleaning solutions from the carpet. Contaminants adhere to what’s been left behind, and the carpet can quickly become even dirtier than it was prior to having it cleaned.

Quality vs. Cheap Really Makes a Difference

However, a truly professional carpet cleaning company, like Chem-Dry of Stratford uses quality cleaning solutions, equipment and techniques and knows how to rinse completely.  When they are done you will be left with pristine carpets that are no more prone to soiling than if they were just installed.

Don’t Forget About the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Remember, if you have invested in new carpet, your manufacturer’s warranty has required care and cleaning obligations you must follow in order to maintain coverage. For example, Stainmaster’s carpet warranty states that professional carpet cleaning services should be “performed by a trained, qualified carpet care professional, at least as frequently as every 18 months since the date of purchase of your carpet. Failing to do so will void your warranty coverage.”

So, the definitive answer is…

Don’t delay professional carpet cleaning. Take care of your investment. As long as you choose your carpet cleaning service provider wisely, and have regularly scheduled cleaning done according to recommended guidelines, your brand new carpet will be clean and inviting for years to come. If you have any more questions please feel free to reach out to one of our carpet cleaning expert technicians at Chem-Dry of Stratford. Call us at 630-562-3930 or use our contact form.

Powered By Nature and Nothing Else

A common question we get from many of our first time customers is “What kind of chemicals does Chem-Dry use to clean my carpets.” Many people assume that since we use the term “Chem” in our brand name that our cleaning process employs some type of harsh chemical solution. That couldn’t be any further from the truth, our process is powered by nature.

The short and sweet of it – our cleaning solution is powered by nature and nothing else.

All of the ingredients in our main cleaning solution that we use to penetrate deep into your carpet to get that long lasting clean are naturally occurring; that is why we call our cleaning solution “The Natural.” Each of the cleaning agents used in our green-certified cleaning solution are listed in the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list. Not only are we providing an environmentally sensitive cleaning solution free of toxins, but we have also made it safe for your entire household, pets included!

powered by natureHow do we get such a long lasting clean without using a laundry list of hard to pronounce chemicals? We use the same elements that make your soft drinks bubble and your club soda fizz, carbonation. By employing the natural reaction of water combined with carbon dioxide, Chem-Dry provides a deep clean to carpets, breaking up the dirt, grime and stains trapped within its fibers. We call our method Hot Carbonating Extraction.

How does Hot Carbonating Extraction Work?

During the first part of the process, we use top-of-the-line equipment to apply our carbonated solution under low pressure, dislodging dirt and grime from your carpet.  Right away, an army of tiny bubbles goes to work busting up the muck clinging your carpet’s threads and fibers. Then, the hot water extraction sucks all the loose material from the carpet, leaving behind a fresh and spotless clean.

All this is accomplished using minimal amounts of water.  By decreasing the levels of water used in the cleaning process we avoid leaving behind soapy residues that can attract more dirt and cause stains to reappear.  Low water usage also results in faster drying times so your family can get back to enjoying your home’s living spaces sooner than later. In addition, low moisture decreases the possibility of excess water seeping past the bottom layers of your carpet.

By using the cleaning properties found in nature and an environmentally safe, low impact process, we are able to ensure a deep, healthy clean that lasts. This is why we are one of the world’s most trusted names in carpet cleaning.

What chemicals do we use?  Only the ones manufactured in Mother Nature’s lab – for a quick drying, safe and healthy clean the whole family can enjoy.

End of Summer Carpet Cleaning

As summer dwindles down to its last few days, and children have to return back to school it becomes easier to keep our carpet clean. We experience less running in and out, which tracks dirt and germs across your carpet on feet or bottoms of shoes. It is the perfect time for a professional carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry of Stratford Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

You may be saying to yourself “I can clean it myself” or, “I just need to rent a carpet cleaner machine.” But, do you know that using carpet cleaning solutions on your carpet allows dirt to accumulate on your carpet more heavily and quicker? Regardless of what brand cleaning solution you use, whether you scrub by hand, spot clean, or use a carpet cleaner, residue from your carpet cleaning solution builds up within your carpet fibers attracting any new dirt that crosses its path.

end of summer carpet

Chem-Dry of Stratford’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning can provide a high quality low cost cleaning to every room in your house leaving no residue for dirt to collect. Stop layering cleaning solution upon cleaning solution on top of each other trying to get rid of those stains that seem like they continuously get worse and worse.

Chem-Dry’s cleaning technology not only cleans your carpet free of surface stains and dirt, but penetrates deep into your carpet, breaking down and cleaning away the buildup of previously used carpet cleaning solutions. You will be amazed at how those awful stains that have been setting for years can easily be lifted from your carpet with one quick call.

Regardless if you need to clean pet stains, coffee/wine spills, or the stains from your children that you aren’t quite sure what they really are, Chem-Dry of Stratford Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is only a phone call away. Call now to schedule your end of summer carpet cleaning appointment and we will leave your carpet feeling and smelling clean and refreshing. 630-562-3930.

Carpet Cleaning For The Fourth

Carpet Cleaning For The Fourth

Have 4th of July visitors in route to celebrate the holidays with you? There’s still time to have your carpeting, tile, upholstery and even mattresses cleaned just in time for friends and family arrival. Carpet Cleaning For The Fourth of July is often the preferred semi-annual time people have their carpets cleaned. Since most all carpet manufacturers recommend to clean your carpets twice per year to meet warranty requirement, a lot of our customers have their carpets cleaned just before the holidays in November and December, and the other semi-annual cleaning for the holidays in July.

Chem-Dry of Stratford is a family owned environmentally responsible carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning company serving all of Wheaton, Bartlett and DuPage County. Our technicians are certified by the world’s most respected certification body for textile professionals and our cleaning solutions are environmentally GREEN, anti-allergen and kid and pet safe.

When you decide to have your carpets cleaned, you’re not only changing the appearance of your carpeting you’re also creating a healthier indoor environment. Your carpeting is the largest “filter” in your home and routinely collects dust, dust mites, bacteria and thousands of allergen producing micro organisms.

Carpeting provides warmth, sound proofing and beauty and if maintained properly will last many years. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that your carpeting be cleaned at least once a year to extend its life, improve indoor air quality and to maintain the carpets warranty.

To schedule an appointment in real time online, please visit us at https://chemdrystratford.fittlebug.com/ or call us anytime at 630-562-3930.

Vacuuming Does NOT Count As Carpet Cleaning… Seriously.

Many people like to think they can keep their carpets clean on their own. We just need to vacuum every month or so and blot when there’s a stain… right?

Wrong. What you’re likely forgetting is that almost all carpet companies require you to professionally  clean your carpet every 12 to 24 months, to keep your warranty valid.

In other words, vacuuming is not enough. Neither is steaming carpets yourself. Professional cleaning is, like it or not, legally the only way to protect your carpet in most cases. And it’s also a way to protect your health.

“Indoor air quality can be eight to ten times worse than outdoor air quality, if you don’t clean your flooring, clean your drapes and let air inside regularly,” says interior designer Robin Wilson, who specializes in allergy-free housekeeping. When millions of Americans suffer from indoor allergies, air quality is a huge issue.

Vacuuming does not count

Wilson — and the other experts — says that to keep the air in your home clean, it’s important to follow a few carpet-cleaning rules. Namely:

Call professionals to clean your carpet, more often than you think you should.

Many carpet companies won’t honor your warranty unless you hire professional cleaners every 12 to 18 months, says Carolyn Forte, a director at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. In some cases the requirement may be 24 months — check your carpet’s warranty for specifics.

Wilson, meanwhile, recommends even more frequent cleanings in the interest of a dust-free home: she says to call in professional cleaners every six months, and every four to six WEEKS if you have a pet. (Keep in mind this applies to carpets, not area rugs).

Regardless of how often you choose to use them, the experts agree that professional carpet cleaners are hands-down necessary — you shouldn’t attempt to steam carpets yourself. Only Chem-Dry of Stratford can effectively lift dust from deep within your carpet, if left there, it will wear down and rip the carpet’s fibers. But only professional machines can truly zap all the steam’s moisture from the carpet when you’re done cleaning. The results of trying to do it yourself can be sickening.

“I’ve been on job sites where you pull up the carpet and see a mold patch,” Wilson says. When you steam clean yourself, “you turn your house into an incubator for mold growth,” Wilson adds.

Between cleans, vacuum at least weekly (or much more often with pets).

Of course, vacuuming remains the easiest way to keep carpets and area rugs clean between steams — the experts recommend vacuuming once per week, to keep those abrasive dust particles out of carpet fibers. Ramp up the frequency in high-traffic areas or if you have pets — these spots might need daily vacuuming depending on how much debris you notice, according to Merry Maids Training Manager Debra Johnson.

And take area rugs out for spring and fall cleaning sessions.

Area rugs vary in their care instructions, so check yours for its ideal cleaning schedule. Generally, Wilson says, you should vacuum rugs with the same frequency as carpets, then deep-clean them every six months with a good old-fashioned broom-beating. Take rugs outside, shake them out, beat them with an actual broom (ideally while wearing a mask to protect your face), and let them air outside for a day.

Many area rugs can also be steam cleaned — if yours allows, you might steam it once per year, Wilson advises.

Another secret? Vacuum slowly.

“One of the most common errors people make when vacuuming is that they do it too fast,” Johnson says. “Vacuuming slowly allows a vacuum cleaner to do its best work by vibrating carpet fibers and containing dust in the vacuum.”

Blot carpet spills immediately — do NOT wait.

Rubbing a stain will spread goo around and can distort the carpet’s pile, or fluffy shape. And waiting to clean a stain lets moisture seep deeper — Forte recommends cleaning spills the instant they happen.

Spray carpet cleaner on a cloth and dab the stain, working from the outside to its center. Rinse with a clean cloth the same way, and then blot dry. To absorb leftover moisture, pile on a stack of paper towels and place a heavy pot or vase on top. Leaving it there overnight will ensure all wetness is fully zapped.

Pick a carpet that’s not a dust magnet in the first place.

To prevent dust buildup in the first place, choose a low pile, Wilson says. This means picking a carpet or area rug with short fibers — high layers of fluff or shag will trap more dust (not to mention mite carcasses… ew). Wilson recommends natural, durable materials like wool instead of synthetic ones like nylon. Carpet tiles are a stellar alternative to wall-to-wall carpets, she says — when there’s a spill, you can pull up the tile and clean it on its own, and you can remove them completely when you’re ready for a scene change back to hardwood floors.

…and if you keep it clean, you can keep it forever! (Well, almost.)

“You can keep a rug for a lifetime, if you keep it clean,” Wilson says. Carpet lifespans, however, range with quality — some well-made varieties are made to last up to 15 years if kept dust-free, she adds.

…It’s just a little more motivation to summon the steam machine.

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Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

The Carbonating Secret Revealed


There is no secret to reveal, we simply clean better, dry fastest & your carpet stays cleaner longer; all because we use the power of carbonation while deep cleaning your carpets without leaving residues.

The secret to Chem-Dry’s clean is the millions of microscopic, carbonating cleaning bubbles in our cleaner we call The Natural®. The carbonating solutions penetrate deep into the base of the carpet, literally exploding dirt and grime off of the fiber’s surface. Then, we use hot water extraction to lift the dirty particles to the surface where they are whisked away.

This concept is almost identical to that of using club soda to remove a stain from a shirt. The awesome cleaning power of carbonating solutions creates a powerful reaction that deep cleans carpets and upholstery in a safe and gentle way.

Carpets That Stay Cleaner Longer

Due to the natural power of carbonation, Chem-Dry does not have to use excessive amounts of moisture to clean your carpet or upholstered items. Because the bubbles do the work for us, Chem-Dry does not need to use soapy cleaning chemicals other cleaners or do-it-yourself machines rely on so much. Soapy residues attract dirt like a magnet, causing your carpet to get dirty again faster than before.

Chem-Dry’s primary carpet cleaner contains no soaps, detergents or surfactants. You save money when your carpet stays cleaner longer. Less cleanings means better bang for your buck and one less thing to worry about.

Reappearing Carpet Stains? No Problem with Chem-Dry

Carpet stains reappear in the same place after cleaning for two reasons. First, they were never thoroughly removed to begin with. Often the unwanted material is forced down below the surface of the carpet by a high pressure steam cleaning unit, only to resurface as the carpet dries. Secondly, the cleaning solutions used by many steam cleaners create a sticky residue that attracts more dirt and grime to the location.

Through the use of carbonated carpet cleaner, Chem-Dry thoroughly removes stains quickly and efficiently. We apply our solutions so sparingly, and without high pressure, resurfacing of stains is not a problem. However, if a spot does reappear, then so will we until the problem is solved.

Chem-Dry vs Steam Cleaning

Carpets serve as natural air filters in your home, trapping dust, allergens, and germs from the air and keeping them from your lungs. Over time, though, those particles can accumulate, and eventually, they can be released back into your home in greater concentrations. Many homeowners may not be aware of the issue and suffer the negative health effects without realizing there are simple solutions available.

Some choose to hire a professional carpet steam cleaner to come to the home and clean the carpets for them. Others will either buy or rent their own steam carpet cleaner and struggle with the machine before finally throwing up their hands and calling a professional anyway. It’s certainly possible to steam clean carpet yourself, but it carries the same problems as hiring a professional carpet steam cleaner with the added hassle of wrestling with an unwieldy piece of equipment. There is a better professional solution available.

When searching for a quality carpet cleaner, keep in mind that not all carpet cleaning services are created equal. There are several key factors that separate a high quality carpet cleaning process that delivers a healthier cleaning for your carpets and home from one that drenches your carpets with gallons of water and harsh cleaners. These factors explain why Chem-Dry of Stratford’s unique hot carbonating extraction system offers a deeper, faster drying, healthier carpet cleaning experience than typical steam cleaning services.

When you steam clean carpet, you saturate it with an excessive amount of water filled with soaps and detergents. This results in carpets that remain wet for 1-2 days, which creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria. Plus the soapy residue left behind by carpet steam cleaners attracts dirt and causes your carpets to get dirty much faster.

Chem-Dry of Stratford’s process is different. Instead of soaking your carpets with water like a carpet steam cleaner, our process employs millions of microscopic bubbles to explode dirt from deep in your carpet fibers, so therefore we only need to use a fraction of the water that a typical steam carpet cleaner uses—almost 80% less in fact. We also use a natural carpet cleaner instead of a cleaner with heavy soaps and detergents. After the carbonation releases and lifts the dirt, our high powered equipment extracts the dirt and moisture from the carpet. While the drying time relies on several factors, such as humidity, airflow, and the carpet itself, the carpet will typically be dry within just an hour or two and ready for you to enjoy.

So while carpet steam cleaners use excessive amounts of water that often soaks through to the carpet backing and creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew, Chem-Dry’s low-moisture process doesn’t carry the same risk and offers a safer and more convenient carpet cleaning solution. Plus, your carpets dry in just a few hours, not 1-2 days like with typical steam carpet cleaning, and your carpet stays cleaner longer because there is no soapy residue left behind.

With Chem-Dry of Stratord, carpet cleaning doesn’t need to be a hassle…

See the Difference for Yourself

The best way to decide whether to hire a carpet steam cleaner or to use Chem-Dry of Stratford’s all natural process is to look at the two methods side by side. Take a look below to see a sampling of the benefits Chem-Dry of Stratford carpet cleaning offers over steam cleaning.

Side-by-Side Comparison: Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaning

Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction

Typical Steam Cleaning

● Carbonating, active cleaning solution ● Flat, inactive cleaning solution
● No soaps or detergents ● Harsh chemicals and detergents
● No sticky residue, resists resoiling ● Sticky residue encourages resoiling
● Low water quantity ● High water quantity
● Low pressure application ● High pressure application
● Short drying time, 1-2 hours ● Long drying time, 1-2 days
● Green solutions, healthier cleaning method ● Excessive water can cause mold, mildew
Jo Anne & Tom Matzuka
Local Owners of Chem-Dry of Stratford


Carpet Cleaning

Three (3) Areas Only $169

Up to 400 sq. ft., additional carpet at 55 cents per sq.ft., Stairs, Landings and Area rugs priced separately. Not valid w/other discounts; Min charges may apply. Hot Carbonated Extraction Cleaning Method. Expires 12/29/23.  Call Chem-Dry of Stratford at (630) 562-3930.



Carpet Cleaning

Five (5) Areas Only $259

Up to 600 sq. ft., additional carpet at 55 cents per sq.ft., Stairs, Landings and Area rugs priced separately. Not valid w/other discounts; Min charges may apply. Hot Carbonated Extraction Cleaning Method. Expires 12/29/23. Call Chem-Dry of Stratford at (630) 562-3930.


Carpet Cleaning

Whole House Special $425

Up to 1,000 sq. ft., additional carpet at 55 cents per sq.ft., Stairs, Landings and Area rugs priced separately. Not valid w/other discounts; Min charges may apply. Hot Carbonated Extraction Cleaning Method. Expires 12/29/23. Call Chem-Dry of Stratford at (630) 562-3930.

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