To Clean, Or Not To Clean… That Is The Question

To clean, or not to clean… that is the question most people have when looking at their carpets. Some carpets are designed to last for 3 years and some for 30, but sooner or later your carpet will have outlived its usefulness and will need to be replaced. Here is a quick test to help you determine if your old carpet is still worthy of another professional cleaning or if it’s time to start thinking about buying new carpet.

Is your carpet more than 10 years old?

Most carpet and padding sold today is designed to last about 10 years. This is considered to be a medium grade or quality level that most homeowners select. Prices range from $20 to $35 per square yard installed with a rebond pad.  If your existing carpet is more than 10 years old and you have issues like ripples or wrinkles, color loss or fading, matting or crushing of the pile or a lack of padding support in halls, main walkways and on stairs, then your carpet and padding may be nearing the end of its intended lifespan.  Lower quality carpet may reveal these end-of-life warning signs much sooner and spending hundreds having your carpet professionally cleaned won’t make a worn out carpet or padding come back to life.

Is your padding worn out?

When you buy carpet it is very important that you buy the correct padding to go under it. Padding is considered the heartbeat of your carpet and once it fails to provide enough support; your carpet will start to wear out much faster. So when you are ready to buy new carpet, be sure to choose a good quality padding that is able to provide sufficient support and has a lifespan equal to the carpet you select.

If you find that your existing padding is worn out but your old carpet still looks like new, you might be able to just replace the old padding to give your old carpet several more years of added life. This is not a common thing to do and you should consult with your professional carpet cleaner to see if this might be a viable option for you.

Of course, these aren’t the only idicators that you need new carpet, but if you are experiencing them, you should probably look into it. If you want to try to restore your carpets to their former glory, give Chem-Dry of Stratford a call! We will give you a FREE ESTIMATE right over the phone and are able to solve most carpet issues!

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