There are significant health benefits to keeping carpets clean, especially in homes with young children

Why should you be keeping carpets clean? Homeowners must remember that this type of flooring is like a sponge. It will collect a variety of soils over time and hold them deep within the fibers until removed. With every step, a homeowner agitates the fibers and kicks loose soil into the air. Pet dander, dust, food particles, chemical residue, and microorganisms are some of the soils that can be dispersed this way, and they all represent a breathing risk. It’s actually one of the principle reasons why air quality inside homes is consistently worse than the air surrounding the building.

Why should homeowners with children strive to keep clean carpets?

While suspended sediment can affect anyone, children are usually harmed the most at risk. That’s partly because young children spend a lot of time close to the floor, and because their immune system is not as robust as an adult’s. Respiratory complications, like asthma, can be triggered by poor indoor air quality, which is why some homeowners notice improved health in their children following a thorough cleaning.

Molds, though, are perhaps the biggest threat in most buildings, and they can be spawned by exposing the fibers and padding to moisture, usually for a day or two. Molds, like other sediments, can inflame respiratory problems like asthma, but fungi tends to be aggressive in this way. That’s likely due to the mold releasing airborne spores that are readily inhaled. In some cases, mold exposure has been linked to developmental and behavioral problems as well, so if the carpeting hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, the homeowner should at least consider an inspection.

Who should a homeowner turn to when it is time to clean the carpets?

It can be tempting to rent equipment at a local store, but this equipment tends to be much less effective than the tools available to a certified professional. And without the proper training and education, a homeowner may cause more harm than good. For example, if too much water is left behind during the hot water extraction process, it can provide a hotspot for molds and other microbes to flourish and if the cleaning solution is not extracted fully it can accelerate the rate at which the carpeting is soiled again..

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