Now that the temps have gone up, people are staying inside. Here are some Summer carpet cleaning tips!

These Summer carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpets clean this summer will help dramatically reduce the amount of dust and pollen in your home while ensuring they’ll look just as good when the kids finally head back to school.

Door Mats

Placing door mats inside and outside of your doors will help to eliminate dirt from coming in. Chances are you don’t put shoes on your pets’ feet every time Fluffy wants to go out. Mats also provide visitors who don’t take shoes off with a placer to wipe their feet.

Take the party out back

An ideal way to keep foot traffic, dirt, and mud off your carpets and area rugs is by spending more time outside in the summer. Children playing outside in the grass keeps them from running around on indoor carpets and entertaining outdoors mean less risk of stains and spills on expensive rugs and carpets. We know.. That’s pretty obvious, but this day in age, we can all use a gentle reminder to leave the house and enjoy the outdoors.

Treat spills immediately

The longer stains are left untreated the more difficult they are to get out. Stains can become permanent so it’s important to treat the quickly.

Shoes off

Lots of people feel uncomfortable asking visitors to remove their shoes at the door. Don’t. Removing shoes is becoming a more acceptable practice. Becoming a “no shoe” house protects your family and your carpets from all the dirt, germ, grime and bacteria that can be brought in from guest’s shoes.

Regular vacuuming

Pollen and dust come indoors clinging to us or our pets, through open windows, and every time our doors open or close. That’s why carpets need to be vacuumed wall-to-wall at least twice a week with a third pass over high-traffic areas. It’s important to use the crevice attachment around the base of walls and furniture, too, since dust and pet hair often collect there.

Hire a Pro

You can always rent a carpet cleaning machine for those deep cleans, but you run the risk of damaging your carpet fibers. Spot treatment between professional cleanings can help too, but you really should be having your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year.

So there you go, following these Summer carpet cleaning tips can help keep your home looking cleaner longer!

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